Radio stories

Jen began her adventures in radio in 2003 and has reported on everything from nanotechnology to city goats. She worked for public radio stations like WAMC Northeast Public Radio, WFAE in Charlotte, NC and New Hampshire Public Radio as both a reporter and daily show producer.

Jen has been seen holding a microphone up to a speeding truck, a horse that walked across the U.S., and an rather reticent oyster. She also interviews real people.

  • 0:00
    What does it take to become a celebrity in America? All Bill Inman needed was a horse named Blackie and the determination to ride across the country.
  • 3:07
    Peter Donatelli is an ordained Catholic priest. He also runs his family's laundromat in Portland, Maine. Through his passionate beliefs and awkward sense of humor, Father Peter has created a public space where people actually talk about religion and politics.
  • 7:09
    When Cedric Chambers and John Gallagher met by chance in rural Maine 45 years ago, neither imagined that they'd be caring for each other into old age. But after John's wife passed away and his children moved across the country, John turned to Cedric when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Together they face the end of his life.
  • 4:27
    North Carolina's oysters are plagued by a parasitic disease called Dermo. Find out how a UNC Charlotte professor is using biotech to fight back.
  • 0:00
    A eureka moment inspired a NC State chemistry professor to think small in the fight against HIV.
  • 3:58
    Appalachian State University discovered a way to pack the antioxidants in 100 apples into one piece of candy. American soldiers can't get enough of them, and it's helping reduce stress in the battlefield.
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    Remembering home is a visceral experience, from the smell of the kitchen to the feel of flagstone paths underfoot. I ask author Jack Larkin why home is more than just a house.
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    DIY crafters go beyond knitting and sewing to incorporate technology into handmade goods.