Beyond the Fence

Farm Sanctuary Operates Without Adoption Pressures


The hills of Burnsville are alive with the sounds of farm life. Pigs snort and chortle as they root through mud; a rooster’s crow bounces off the hillside. Even the goats have something to say as they scratch their horns against the fence. At Full Circle Farm Sanctuary, every animal has a voice, whether it’s a tentative bleat or a mighty crow. 

Founder and executive director Kayla Worden stands at the center of the menagerie on a sunny late-winter day. Her boots are muddy and her smile is wide as she lays out a dish of oatmeal and cranberries for her prized chickens. As the birds crowd around to gobble up the treat, it’s clear that these animals live a pampered life. 

The sanctuary welcomes animals that have survived abusive conditions or are no longer wanted by their caretakers. In many ways, Full Circle isn’t your typical animal-rescue organization. These chickens, pigs, goats, and ducks have a permanent home at the sanctuary, free from the pressures of adoption and fostering. 


Verve Magazine March 2014

Photo by Max Cooper